Nagaa Hamady

Nagaa Hamady 500kV GIS S/S

location: – Qena Gouvernante.

Owner: – EETC

Executive Main Contractor: – XD||EGEMAC.

Space: – 250,000-Meter Square.

Summary :

Nagaa Hamady 500/220/66/11 kV gis substation, is the largest project that has been executed by XD||EGEMAC, Nagaa  Hamadi substation is considered as an important and strategic project in upper Egypt which serve the new urban extensions, the industrial zone, and aluminum factory extensions, naga Hamadi substation connected through (8) double circuits to Benban 500 kV gis s/s, east Qena 500 kV gis s/s, old naga Hamadi substation, and high dam substation, in which naga Hamadi substation contributes to the local development in upper Egypt zone and also maintain the electricity stability in Qena Gouvernante and also whole upper Egypt.

the station is located on an area of 250,000 square meters with a voltage of 500 kV, the station also includes major buildings, the 500 kV station building, which is the largest building in the republic, and the 220 kV station building, which are equipped with a Gis insulation system and the latest modern equipment to ensure high operating efficiency.